Arcane #1 (featuring “Hazards” by Justin Pollock) on sale now!

Wow, it snuck up on me, but Arcane #1–featuring my first paid ‘n’ published short story, “Hazards”–is on sale even as we speak.

“Hazards” is an atmospheric little piece about a simple good deed on a dark country highway that leads to unexpected horrors (and leads off this issue as well). You can buy this puppy in print for $7.99 off Amazon or direct from the publisher, or, hey, skip one of this month’s Green Lantern tie-in comics and put the $2.99 you save toward a digital version for the e-reader of your choice.

For the complete table of contents and ordering info, click ye here. And by all means, feel free to drop back here and tell me what you thought of it; I really would love to hear it.

Also: Dark Highlands vol. 2 available April 30, 2011, featuring “The Hairdresser in the Mirror,” which you can probably tell using context clues was also written by me.