Dark Highlands Anthology vol. 2 (featuring “The Hairdresser in the Mirror” by Justin Pollock) on sale now!

If you are anything like me, you:

1.) like horror fiction, and
2.) have a paralyzing fear and hatred of spiders.

If this describes you, then the publication at left presents a dilemma: you would like to support some good, honest, small-press horror by boogieing over to Amazon and purchasing your copy of Dark Highlands Anthology Volume 2, but even illustrations of the loathsome arachnid (however handsomely drawn and delightfully creepy the image in which they appear may be) give you pause.

If you are on the fence about this, perhaps I can persuade you to go ahead and throw down some cash for this anyway because my short story “The Hairdresser in the Mirror” appears in this very volume. It’s the story of a down-on-her-luck hairdresser who’s just gotten her hours at the salon cut back again. Fortunately, she’s landed a swell side gig: once a week, she pays a visit to an antiquities dealer at his mansion and gives him the same simple trim every time. Her client has only one condition: the haircut must be conducted in complete silence. It’s an unusual job, and that’s before the arrival of a mysterious, golden-framed mirror…

If you missed Dark Highlands’ debut at the Handmade City Spring Show in Rock Island, Ill. (and I wasn’t able to make it either–sorry, guys!) then you should click the link near the top of this post and catch up. Poetry, art, and stories–it’s enough to make you overcome your arachnophobia.


Pet Theory No. 1: “Wanna know how I got these scars?”

J.D., Christian Slater’s character in Heathers, somehow survives his apparent death at the end of the movie, skips town, and grows up to become the Heath Ledger Joker from The Dark Knight.

This will not hold up very well under scrutiny, but that is how I choose to watch these movies.