New Flash Fiction at MicroHorror – “The View From the Top”

Well, I say a “new” flash fiction, but it’s been up for more than a month. I bring it up now, however, because I recently got the good news…

Every year, holds a themed Halloween flash fiction contest; the stories were all to do with water this year, and I submitted one called “The View From the Top”. Nice and bleak, I think. It seems bit more topical now than I had intended when writing it. A cannier fellow than me might claim to have unconsciously tapped into the zeitgeist, but to be honest, this is the sort of thing I think about all the time anyway.

Zeitgeist or no, when the judges got together to pick the winners, I was quite pleased to see my story among them. If you are inclined to follow the link, be sure to check the others out as well (they’re all less than 666 words; you could probably find the time, man). I liked Michelle King‘s “Nor Any Drop to Drink” in particular for saying what we’re all thinking: children are pretty horrifying, actually (which I am allowed to say as the proud father of one myself).

Thanks to Nathan and the rest of the MicroHorror crew for the honor.