New Story and Other Nice Things To Tell You About

I made a decision not to include any sort of “horror writer’s mission statement” on starting up this blog. You know – “Why do I write horror? Why do you read horror? Why do we pursue these macabre topics?” Didn’t want to spend the time on it that I could put towards writing something else – even if it is just a piece about how great dustjackets used to be, or (watch for it to be posted soon) VHS boxes to Friday the 13th movies.

I do enjoy reading those high-level “Why horror?” pieces, though. Stephen King wrote one of my favorites in the intro to Skeleton Crew, one of his short story collections. And Madeley, on his new blog, has written a fine one as well. It serves just as well as a mission statement as anything I’d care to write, and I highly suggest you check it out.

It’s been a little dark here lately, but you should know that things are still happening.

Chief among them: I’ve got another story coming out. “My Subject” appears in Darker Than Noir from Grand Mal Press, an anthology of themed detective horror stories. The Kindle version is available now, with print to follow. More on this story and this collection later.

While you’re waiting, though, why not pick up Arcane #1 (in which my story “Hazards” appears) or Dark Highlands Anthology Volume 2 (featuring “The Hairdresser in the Mirror”)? Support small-press horror. Support authors with sideburns.

I’m also posting on a new blog started by a guy I know and a bunch of guys (and a lady) he knows. Armagetto Fabulous is a group artjam blog based around comics and pop culture. Each week, one of us comes up with a theme, and the rest of us draw based on the prompt. We’ve done Jack Kirby’s The Demon, Spider-Man villains, and each other so far, with Batman villains being this week’s theme. Check it out if you dig that sort of thing.