Happy Birthday to Plok (Not His Real Name, Nor Is He Any Relation)

When a man (or a woman, but today we are speaking of a dude) successfully continues to exist for a complete year as measured by the Gregorian calendar (not a feat to be scoffed at, believe you me), we celebrate the occasion.

Sometimes this is done with cake and ice cream.

Sometimes this is done with a party and ill-fitting conical hats.

Sometimes both.

And sometimes it is celebrated with a song by The Band:

I’ve never much listened to The Band, outside of what’s played on the radio, but this is the sort of thing I appreciate. I’m pretty awful when it comes to talking about music, but I like the lurchy-staggery pace of a song like this. I always think — and you’ll forgive the obviousness of this, but — that the strum of an acoustic guitar and the slow, spiderlike tinkling of a piano combine in a wistful way, like you are a little sad but also smiling. To me it is the sound of nostalgia, but I do not know what it means to the person who requested this song.

So happy birthday to Plok, is what I am saying here.


Pet Theory No. 1: “Wanna know how I got these scars?”

J.D., Christian Slater’s character in Heathers, somehow survives his apparent death at the end of the movie, skips town, and grows up to become the Heath Ledger Joker from The Dark Knight.

This will not hold up very well under scrutiny, but that is how I choose to watch these movies.